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Yo VoOphelia ressurected, 2014

I may not b the sexiest guy ever but I’ll be the best boyfriend n the world, make you awesome food, I’ll buy you things without you asking, and I’ll give you crazy violent super sex.

I wanna fuck a sweet shy 16 year old average height gay boy



I couldn’t help but wonder why you never even tried to come home after you left. I guess now I know you were just too busy finding homes in other people that weren’t me.



davis ayer

I do not remember going to sleep last night. These are pictures my friend does not remember taking on my phone. Too fucking barred out


The Lithuanian Disco Scene  
From 2000–2010 Andrew Miksys photographed youth in village clubs along the back roads of Lithuania. Most of the venues Miksys explored are located in Soviet-era Houses of Culture where he sometimes found gas masks, Lenin paintings and other discarded remnants of the Soviet Union. As a Lithuanian-American from Seattle, he was intrigued by the history of the discos and the teenage culture in these European post-war communities. The images portray a new hopeful generation in a swirl of uncertainty, fog, and disco lights.